Kitten Freaks Himself Out

21 06 2010

Note: No Kittens were harmed during the making of this tape. Except the one that was on camera… he later died of a Heroin overdose


Adorable Puppies!

10 05 2010

This video was unexpectedly super awesome.  I love the dog that pisses with its legs in the air.  LOL

Brett Erlich teaches us all a lesson about the internet’s cutest puppies and best dog tricks in an adorable new Viral Video Film School.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Cat Evolution

6 04 2010

Watch this cat evolve before your very eyes!

Surprised Kitty

31 03 2010


Egg Creativity

30 03 2010


Fridge Dog

17 03 2010

Hey at least he’s not drinking from your toilet!

Michael Jackson Tribute Dance

12 03 2010

World’s Oldest Michael Jackson Tribute, BUT they’re actually not aware it’s a tribute. No one has had the heart to tell them he died.