Street Fighter: Legacy

7 05 2010

Remember that Street Fighter short I mentioned a couple days ago? Here’s the full thing my friends. Pretty good, though I somehow expected more. Maybe if this becomes popular enough, We can get a sequel going and see buddy with a flattop fuck up a car.


31 03 2010

French music/film producer Mr. Oizo presents this new video short featuring Pharrell Williams and popular character Flat Eric, known for his appearances in several videos and Levi’s commercials. Definitely an interesting piece to say the least. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

23 02 2010

To the best brother I have ever known and the coolest kid in the world, I wish you the best birthday ever.  Much love.

Here’s A happy Bday video for you:
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And another:

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Now for your gift. Since I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow I’m coming back with this outfit for you. PENIS PANTS Baby!!!

Andrew Ordinary's future Bday outfit

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

2 02 2010

Check out this fan made Star Wars vs. Star Trek short! Sadly I’m REALLY excited to see what’s next!!
“My friends and I were bored one day during Christmas Break and decided to make a quick movie. We shot this in 30 minutes and only used 8 minutes of tape. I then proceeded to spend 3 and a half weeks putting in the visuals for the film.”

Movie Filmed Entirely By Chimps

26 01 2010

The BBC will be airing the appropriately titled ‘Chimpcam’ on BBC Two at 2000GMT on Wednesday January, 27th, during the ‘Natural World’ show. It was shot entirely by chimps at the Edinburgh Zoo toting video cameras around their enclosures. Amazingly, none of them sexed each other up!?

“Gradually, the chimps started playing with the Chimpcam, carrying it around the enclosure.

The chimps soon became interested in the camera view screen on the Chimpcam box, watching what happened as they moved the Chimpcam around filming new images.

The apes are unlikely to have actively tried to film any particular subject, or understand that by carrying Chimpcam around, they were making a film.

However, the result, as well as providing new information on how chimps like to see the world, may yet go down in television history.

Pigeon: Impossible

25 11 2009

WOW!!!! This is a brilliant digital short some dude has posted on you tube. It’s really good if you have 6 minutes to spare.

A rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

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