All I want is you

12 09 2010

Miguel is supposed to drop a solo disc this year.  His lead single All I want is you is my current obsession:





8 04 2010

oficial music video for “compliments” by christopher wilson photography. band of horses first video and second track off of their new album “infinite arms” to be released May 18 2010!!!

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22 TV Themes in 7 Minutes

19 03 2010

Check out these two dudes singing 22 TV Themes in 7 Minutes! I started noticing around family guy that these two dudes no speaky da English.

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The New Dork

9 03 2010

Last week it was ‘The New Dork Anthem’, and this week it’s ‘The New Dork’, a spoof of Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ by pantless knights, the same makers as the ‘I’m on a Mac’ song and dance.

Kirsten Dunst is Turning Japanesea.

26 02 2010

This is a cover and music video of The Vapors’ classic, ‘Turning Japanese’ as performed by Kirsten Dunst… I thought you might be into it, I could be wrong. Poor girl really went off the deep end after being drooped as MJ!

Oh and this Video is +18 due to anime nudity at 0:25, 0:52, 1:25 and 3:25 — so skip those parts pervert!

Eww you perverts were still looking for the Anime Nudity! Counting down when the next piece of nudity was gonna happen…. you people are sick! 😉 me likey

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

23 02 2010

To the best brother I have ever known and the coolest kid in the world, I wish you the best birthday ever.  Much love.

Here’s A happy Bday video for you:
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And another:

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Now for your gift. Since I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow I’m coming back with this outfit for you. PENIS PANTS Baby!!!

Andrew Ordinary's future Bday outfit

Robin Thicke Sex Therapy promo

12 02 2010

Robin Thicke Sex Therapy “flash Mob” (it’s not really a flash mob, it’s more like 10 people promoting an album) in Cali. While, I’m mad about this track, sadly, Sex Therapy is probably the best track on the album.  Not to say the other songs aren’t good, they’re just not great.

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