Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) Day 3

12 09 2010

Day 3 of the film festival and here are some pics:

Javier Bardem 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Javier Bardem 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Lennox Lewis & John Legend 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Lennox Lewis & John Legend 9/11/10 @ TiffJohn Legend 9/11/10 @ Tiff

John Hamm 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Blake Lively 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Blake Lively 9/11/10 @ Tiff


Circus Tent : Timelapse tilt shift

10 05 2010

There is a good chance that I’m the only one who finds this interesting, but this is a timelapse tiltshift movie showing the Circus Knie tent being erected on April 29, 2010 from 07:00 to 09:00 in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.

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“George” RE-CUT (George Costanza)

4 05 2010

George like you’ve always seen and yet like you’ve never seen him.

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Personal Shoebox Apple Store

27 04 2010

This is kinda cool, but the guy who did this is never getting laid. Seriously. We’re all thinking it and now I’m saying it. I’m super bloody geeky and this is so far out of the realm of anything I would ever do. Here’s what captain blue balls had to say about his creation:

Here’s a custom built Apple store made from a shoebox and a long weekend. One iPhone is the Genius Bar display and another is the glowing Apple logo. Downloadable kits for an old movie theater and drive-in versions are available at

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Apocalypse-Proof Bunker

16 04 2010

Want to survive the apocalypse? I don’t. I want to be the first one to go. But if you’re hellbent on crawling out of a bunker 20 years from now and trying to mate with freaky, mutant animals, have at it. Hey, it only costs $10 million to buy into the Vivos apocalyptic bunker scam. What is the Vivos apocalyptic bunker scam?

* A nationwide network of 20 secret, deep underground community shelters.
* Owners-only, long-term survival accommodations for over 3,400 people.
* Owner candidates reviewed upon a number of criteria and psychographic information.
* Multi-level shelters, each consisting of over 18,500 square feet, for 172 to 200 people.
* A spoke cluster with 10 radiating wings surrounding a 2 story central dome.
* Designed and outfitted for up to 1 year of underground survival.
* Fully furnished living quarters, with semi-private bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
* Self-sustaining facilities complete with food, fuel, water, clothing, medical & security.
* Able to withstand a 50 megaton blast within a 10 mile radius.
* Engineered to protect from a nuclear blast, solar flare, tsunami or biological attack.
* Deeded equity and willable ownership in a specific Vivos shelter.
* A DNA depository available for every living species on Earth in Vivos refrigerated vaults.
* A private venture developed by a group of entrepreneurs and corporate visionaries.
* Network completion mid-2011, providing “life assurance” for 2012 and beyond.

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and just take my chances with the apocalypse.

PIXELS: Retro Gamers

9 04 2010

Hands down the coolest video I’ve ever seen/posted. A MUST WATCH!

Dogs Dinner

30 03 2010

If a human/dog hybrid existed, I wonder if it would seem as creepy as this.

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