Enjoy a Modest Chuckle Thanks to This Drive-In’s Insinuation

4 09 2010


Pixal 3D Mario

21 06 2010

First he steals all the copper pipe out of my grandparents’ house, now he’s stealing extra dimensions! WTF, MARIO?! You have an invincibility star addiction we don’t know about?


21 06 2010

DeviantARTist gottabecarl went and mashed the Futurama and X-Men universes together. This is what he got.

From Hipster To Hippie

14 05 2010

San Francisco blogger Hanah Snavely has laid out a road map from Hipster to Hippie marked by transition stages that include abandoning hygiene and cozying up to your new buddies filth and stench. However, if you’re desperate enough, you can get to the full-fledged hippie stage in one quick step by simply throwing away your wallet.

What Would You Do During A Zombie Apocalypse

30 04 2010

No Flash Support on iPhone and iPad

16 04 2010

The Flash may not be as popular as Superman, Batman or the Green Lantern, but that does not mean he should not get any Flash Support on the iPhone or iPad.

9 04 2010

Shit Just Got Real

Clearly, this owl is f*cking crazy. Notice the empty eyes with the dark circles, the unplugged headphones and the fact that he keeps repeating the same question over and over. “who?” “Who?” “WHO?”

I don’t know “who” man! Just put down the guns and we will talk this out.