Made : British Recliner

10 05 2010

Made is a new furniture company that seems to have an AMAZING business model and even more AMAZING furniture.  Problem is, they’re only in the UK and they only ship to the UK.  Bummer.  In any event, check out the amazing ‘Master Jack Armchair’ below.  It aligns neatly with my obsession with the UK.

Made is a new furniture company that’s offering beautiful furniture at affordable prices. By cutting out the middlemen when you make your purchases, the company can deliver designer furniture to your door at inexpensive prices. Each piece of furniture is made to order and even though construction and delivery is a lengthy process, you will be able to keep track of its progress from beginning to end. A new product is produced every week and only the most popular designs go into production, so there is no wastage and the customers are the ones in control.

Master Jack Armchair

Master Jack Armchair

Master Jack Armchair

Master Jack Armchair



Versace Home Collection

22 04 2010

Versace recently launched its Home Collection during last week’s Design Week in Milan. The collection takes hint’s from signature Versace elements including a wide selection of prints and vibrant color usage. Both furniture as well as glass pieces are featured within this new line, including a collaboration with Venini on various hand blown glass vases. Look for an official release next Fall through Versace stores.

Lego Boardroom Table

8 04 2010

Coolest table ever!

Lego Table

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Light Beam Table

7 04 2010

The Light Beam coffee table may look like alien technology, and it probably is…packed with thousands of little LED lights, lights that are able to have their colors changed on the fly. Made of reclaimed teak packed in resin, it was apparently inspired by railway sleepers.

Railway sleepers you ask?? and the answer….. hobos

That Doesn’t Look Like Narnia

6 04 2010

The home’s owner found the old armoire secondhand. He then hired a woodworker to take out the back and install it up against a doorway into his children’s play room. The result is a simple-enough-looking armoire that opens to a hidden room of magic and play.

The Tank Chair

3 03 2010

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin presents Pharrell Williams’ latest design creation, The Tank chair, at colette from March 22nd to the 28th and then at the gallery from March 30th to April 24th, by appointment. After making the “Perspective” chair in 2008, designed as a reflection on love, and the work “The Simple Things” in 2009, the fruit of a collaboration with Takashi Murakami, Pharrell Williams tackles the theme of war. Made of Plexiglas and foal or calf, the four models of the Tank chair are released in a limited edition of eight pieces in each style.