Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) Day 3

12 09 2010

Day 3 of the film festival and here are some pics:

Javier Bardem 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Javier Bardem 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Lennox Lewis & John Legend 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Lennox Lewis & John Legend 9/11/10 @ TiffJohn Legend 9/11/10 @ Tiff

John Hamm 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Blake Lively 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Blake Lively 9/11/10 @ Tiff

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

23 02 2010

To the best brother I have ever known and the coolest kid in the world, I wish you the best birthday ever.  Much love.

Here’s A happy Bday video for you:
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And another:

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Now for your gift. Since I leave for Hong Kong tomorrow I’m coming back with this outfit for you. PENIS PANTS Baby!!!

Andrew Ordinary's future Bday outfit

Interactive LED Wall

26 01 2010

This is a video of a Movement-Tracking interactive LED wall in Montreal (that’s in Canada for you dumbass Americans) It was a joint project created by Moment Factory and PHOTONIC Dreams, just one of the many seizure inducing technologies with bright flashing lights.

2010 Olympic Flag

30 12 2009

Melanie Ordinary & Kevin Ordinary Holding the 2010 Olympic Torch

Your Eyes are not deceiving you.  That’s the real Olympic Torch.  On December the 28th 2009 I went with my Dad, sister and brother-in-law to go see the torch in Orangeville for my Dad’s Birthday.

My sister had asked us a couple of weeks prior to if we wanted to go see it in Orangeville.  That was the extent of the plan.  Not sure where exactly the route would take the torch through, what sort of celebrations would take place or even having an estimate of how many people would be in attendance, we simply grabbed some Timmies and headed out.  My brother-in-law has an uncle who lives in Orangeville, so on the way up there we decided we would pass by his home, say hello and ask where we should go to see the torch.

Once we reached Orangeville, we could see the route taped off along the main streets.  As we continued to our destination we passed by a park with a huge big screen and a massive crowd beginning to congregate.   We all decided that is where the action must be and where we would surely see the torch.

After a very pleasant and comical visit with family we headed to the park on foot.  Though I had my snowboarding jacket and gloves on, I really underestimated the cold.  In fact, we all did.  It was so freaking cold that my glasses with fog up each time I exhaled.  Seriously.  It was stoopid cold.  Anyways, we all braved through the temperature with the excitement of catching a glimpse of history while dancing, screaming and laughing.  To my sisters disappointment the large crowd foiled my plans to steal the torch and run to the finish line with it once the torch bearer crossed our section.    We still had fun though.

Once the celebrations were over we decided to head over to the Coke promotional truck and pick up some free goodies if anything was left over but we noticed someone carrying the torch right beside the truck and ran over to see if we could entice them to allow us to take a few pics with the torch.  As you can see, were successful in our efforts.  While we missed out on all the freebees, I think we all got a little something better to remember our day with.  Memories of touching and running with the actual 2010 Winter Olympic Torch.

Boo-yah Suckahz.

12-28-2009 Orangville Crowd to see the 2010 Olympic Torch

Orangeville Torch Bearer Running with My 2010 Olympic Torch

Glen Ordinary, Melanie Ordinary, Papa Ordinary & Kevin Ordinary (Also pictured the 2010 Olympic Torch)


Happy Remembrance Day

11 11 2009

“History helps me appreciate the present.  I will never forget those with enough courage to fight in the past and those still brave enough to do it today. ” – Kevin Ordinary

“History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.” -David C. McCullough

Remembrance 2006

Remembrance Day


Remembrance day song : Soldiers Cry

11 11 2009

Wow. All canadians should watch this and be proud and this day.

Soldiers Cry (by Roland Majeau)

Talk of trouble is sent through the country
And we need an army
To fight for the right
Young men enlist and are sent to the battle
To fight the offender and help our allies

And the young men cry Oh Canada
Well gladly go and fight for thee
And the young men cry Oh Canada
Well fight to keep you free

The battles raging
Gun fire is blazing
A tired young soldier is clinging to life
Hes ordered off
And obeys by advancing
No hope of returning from the enemy fire

And the soldier cries Oh Canada
If it must be so, Ill die for thee
And the soldier cries Oh Canada
Ill die to keep you free

And we all miss oh Canada
The land where we all used to be
And we all long for Canada
The true north
strong and free

And the soldier cries Oh Canada
If it must be so, Ill die for thee
And the soldier cries Oh Canada
Ill die to keep you free

Far away we had seen a great danger
And yet theres a danger much greater within
The noise we make as we constantly bicker
Would hush not a whisper if we listen to him

All the thousands cry Oh Canada
Is that why we have died for thee?
And the soldiers cry Oh Canada
We died to keep you free

And the soldier cries oh Canada
Be true
And strong
For me

Rememberance Day : Collection of real pics

11 11 2009

A moving video to show respect to the brave men and women who protect us. This really got me choked up. Another video very well done.  The images are moving

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Remembrance Day Video

11 11 2009

Some student put this together. Very wonderfully done.

“This is a video I was to make for my school’s remembrance day assembly.It’s a collection of photos from my france trip last april for the 90th anniversary of the battle of vimy ridge.”

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Buckley’s : Canada’s Cure For The Cold

23 10 2009


Buckley’s is the only known semi-cure for the common cold known to man (or at least Canadians) was just dissected by WIRED magazine.  They breakdown the goods of what goes into our secret sauce.  American’s before you rush the border for this Canadian cure now that flu season has started you should know Buckley’s tagline because no tagline in the history of marketing has ever been so honest and on point.

“Buckley’s.  It tastes awful.  And it works.”

Okay, here’s the skinny on some ingredients courtesy of Wired magazine with a few extra words from yours truly:

Dextro-Methorphan: This cough suppressant acts on the brain not the throat.  It breaks down into a sedative, making your nervous system more tolerant of tickles that would otherwise cause coughing.
[Kevin’s take:  Umm, awesome. Sedative? Yes please]

Menthol: Makes inhaled air feel cleaner and cooler, but it doesn’t actually decongest you. You only think you’re breathing more easily.
[Kevin’s take: Has this douche dude ever heard of mind over matter? If I think I’m breathing easier, then I’m okay with that]

Canada Balsam: A fancy name for turpentine made from the resin of fir trees. It functions as an expectorant, helping you hack up the gunk in your respiratory tract.
[Kevin’s take: A manlier statement has never been made. And the name rocks. Hater]

Ammonium Carbonate: In smelling salts, the fumes of this volatile compound irritate your lungs to jolt you awake. Here, it causes mucous membranes to produce less-viscous phlegm that’s easier to cough up.
[Kevin’s take: Yeah that’s right, it breaks it down so I can coughs it up]

Tincture of Capsicum: After the ammonia and menthol flavours have faded, what’s that burning, tingling taste that still remains? Probably this preparation of ground-up peppers dissolved in at least 80-proof alcohol. It supposedly helps prevent nausea from all that turpentine.
[Kevin’s take: Did he just say 80-Proof? Sorry I couldn’t read that so well thanks to the sedative. Oooooh yeah]

Pine Needle Oil: Very big in aroma-therapy circles, where it’s described as “invigorating” and “uplifting”. Here it’s used to uplift phlegm and mucus from your bronchial passages.
[Kevin’s take: And it does baby. It does]

Carrageenan: Buckley’s calls this seaweed extract a “viscosity-suspending agent,” and it thickens many processed foods. But certain types of carrageenan also have antiviral properties. It seems that the gummy goodness can block the cold virus from entering your cells and replicating.
[Kevin’s take: Buckley’s is hardcore like that]

Glycerin: Another thickener. Americans expect that syrupy mouth feel in their cold medicines
[Kevin’s take: Ahhh, I hope this is a typo and the Author meant NORTH AMERICANS or CANADIANS. Nuff said]

Sodium Saccharin: In Canada, Buckley’s is sweetened with cyclamates; legal in most countries but no the US, where a dodgy 1969 study said they gave bladder cancer to rats. Int the US they use saccharin. Cowards.
[Kevin’s take: Okay, this author is spot on with the coward’s part. I mean, come on. Bladder cancer in Canada? Nah, we wash that right out with Molson Canadian. Silly Americans]

Thanks WIRED and Patrick Di Justo.




Canadian T-Rex Coin

15 10 2009

The Canadian Mint, which surprisingly doesn’t come in flavors like chocolate-moose (ZING!), is releasing this $4 silver dino cooin because dinosaurs are awesome and they deserve to be on money even more so than Queen Elizabeth.

$4 Coin

$4 Coin