Was Joaquin Phoenix REALLY Nuts???

12 05 2010

Over the last couple years, you may recall seeing stories about Joaquin Phoenix quitting acting, Joaquin Phoenix drunkenly rapping, and Joaquin Phoenix acting out of his mind on Letterman. And, if you cared enough about Joaquin Phoenix to be curious about why he grew a beard, you asked if he’d become an elaborate performance artist, a rapper, or an actual crazy person, and you were answered only with his (and brother-in-law Casey Affleck’s) muttered claim it was not a joke.

Well, the seeds of Joaquin Phoenix acting like an asshole for a while are at last bearing their intolerable fruit. Now that Affleck has had the chance to follow Rapper Joaquin around with a camera during his madness time, he’s shopping around a new documentary, I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix. He promises to tell you if it’s a hoax if you buy it, guys:

“At a packed screening room at the offices of William Morris Endeavor last week, buyers from Hollywood’s indie distribution companies were on hand to watch Casey Affleck’s documentary I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix. Affleck is married to Phoenix’s sister, Summer, and now that distributors have seen Affleck’s depiction of his brother-in-law’s strange year of existence, the verdict is still unclear whether Phoenix’s attempt to make it as a rapper is an elaborate piece of performance art or a sad retelling of an actor’s life unraveling. As one viewer told EW.com, “there’s a lot of people who’ve now seen it and are still asking if it’s a hoax or not. Whoever buys it will know, but they aren’t telling anyone ahead of time.” The film shows Phoenix snorting cocaine, having sex with prostitutes and simply falling apart in his quest to land a record deal. It shows him meeting with Sean Combs in a desperate plea to get him to produce his record album.”

I can’t wait to find out if it’s a hoax or if Joaquin Phoenix arbitrarily went insane and homeless one day and Casey Affleck serendipitously decided to start recording him and make that into a film they can sell for money. It’s still so tough to decide which is more likely.




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