The Real Ghost Rider

3 05 2010

David Morales Colón is a Puerto Rican man who passed away in a gun-related incident a few weeks ago. And, instead of a traditional casket, is being displayed atop a motorcycle at his wake. Vroom vroom — I’m comin’ God!

“Yesterday and today, callers who stopped to pay their final respects to the late Mr. Colón got a bit of a surprise. Instead of the traditional presentation of the body in a casket, Mr. Colón’s corpse, dressed in casual duds and sunglasses, was instead posed in a very lifelike position atop his Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4. According to Puerto Rico’s Primera Hora newspaper, the motorcycle was given to the victim by his uncle, and upon Mr. Colón’s untimely demise, family members delivered the bike to the funeral home specifically for this unusual wake.”

Different strokes for different folks i guess… this makes me look at my funeral in a whole new way, the crazy options are endless!

That’s right… you were just looking at a dead guy on a motorcycle… your sick




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