9 04 2010

Shit Just Got Real

Clearly, this owl is f*cking crazy. Notice the empty eyes with the dark circles, the unplugged headphones and the fact that he keeps repeating the same question over and over. “who?” “Who?” “WHO?”

I don’t know “who” man! Just put down the guns and we will talk this out.


Air Jordan 11 “Silver Anniversary”

9 04 2010

Fresh off the heels of their Air Jordan 3, 4, and 9 launches, Jordan’s Silver Anniversary continues in grand fashion with arguably the most desired shoe in the sneaker world. The Silver Anniversary Air Jordan 11 will launch May 1st, 2010 and will continue Jordan Brand’s celebration of the line’s 25th Anniversary with a special White/Metallic Silver rendition of one of the most coveted styles in the Air Jordan franchise.

Stark Expo 2010

9 04 2010

AccuTech: a subsidiary of Stark Industries has given us a glimpse of the latest breakthrough in anthropo-robotic physical enhancement – ‘the HazTech Exoskeleton’.

When duty calls…AccuTech is there.

Lindsay Lohan Lookin Damn Fine

9 04 2010

Lindsay Lohan scrubs up nicely promoting her fashion line 6126

Lightsaber Nightlight

9 04 2010

This is defiantly a great find for anyone who’s afraid of the dark (side)

Doll With Functional Robotic Peter.

9 04 2010

Theirs not much I can say about these videos. Absolutely love the second clip, makes me feel like a little chap peeing in the park with mommy.

Oxford Comma

9 04 2010

A great tune anytime of the day.