The Tesla Roadster

2 03 2010

The Tesla Roadster runs on batteries, and so too do (many) TAG Heuer watches. It’s out of this obvious correlation that the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster was born, a one-off special edition skinned in some unfortunate graphics then blessed with an extra slot in the center console for a similarly spendy Meridiist phone. There’s also room in there for a one-fifth second analog Heuer Limited Edition Stopwatch, which sounds like a very useful addition indeed. For Those of Y’all attending Geneva Motor Show later this week will have a chance to see this (otherwise stock) car in-person, while the rest of us up here in Canada Eh! will have to make do with the gallery of photos below, which truly shows that “technology — whether worn on your wrist or driven on the road — can help us live better while we tread more lightly on this planet.” These words courtesy of Elon Musk, who can surely be seen at the show wearing a giant piece of wrist-borne chronography.



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