Ironman 2: The Video Game

10 02 2010

Here is the new Trailer for the Ironman 2 Videogame!


Challenger In ‘Furious Fuscia’ For Men?

10 02 2010

Dodge has decided to make ‘Furious Fuscia’ Challengers and market them to men. Chrysler Group is trying to better define its various brands and products as it attempts to claw back lost market share following years of slumping sales and financial cutbacks that ultimately ended in bankruptcy.

“Photographs don’t really do justice to Furious Fuchsia, Chrysler spokesman Dan Ried insisted, while acknowledging that fuchsia might seem an odd color choice for a male-oriented car. I saw it in person and it actually looks pretty cool,” he said. “It’s tough to capture how it looks in the daylight.”

….umm No, it’s not hard to capture. It’s purplish pink! Listen here Dodge, you want to redeem yourself from years of slumping sales??? Two words… Hover Car!

Retro Robocop

10 02 2010

Here is an Old School or “Ol Skool” (for the younger generation) of Robocop Selling Fried Chicken in Korea. love the translations!

Brooklyn Decker SI Swimsuit Cover

10 02 2010

Here’s Brooklyn Decker on the cover of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You may remember her from her August 2009 spread in GQ, if not who cares… here she is now.

And! because I care about y’all so much… here’s a teaser trailer to really get the “Blood Pumping” …. ewww WRONG!