Star Wars vs. Star Trek

2 02 2010

Check out this fan made Star Wars vs. Star Trek short! Sadly I’m REALLY excited to see what’s next!!
“My friends and I were bored one day during Christmas Break and decided to make a quick movie. We shot this in 30 minutes and only used 8 minutes of tape. I then proceeded to spend 3 and a half weeks putting in the visuals for the film.”


Clash of the Titans

2 02 2010

Here is the new international trailer for Clash of the Titans

Harry Potter Pitch Meeting

2 02 2010

Ha ha ha ha

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Tony Soprano/Carol

2 02 2010

It’s the mash-up you knew was coming since the moment James Gandolfini was announced as the voice of Carol in Where the Wild Things Are. Thanks Hugh !!!

Rock Paper Scissors Anyone?

2 02 2010

In cooperation with Swedish “wearable magazine” T-post, offbeat designer Marc Stromberg created a t-shirt that allows wearers to play a virtual game of rock paper scissors with an animated hand coming straight out of their chests so you can play with yourself (… like you don’t do already!) you must have webcam in order for it to work.
Printable Symbol is above so go nutz… but WATCH OUT… they may be watching
Game Website –