CarGo : Making The World Envious Of Copenhagen….Again

27 01 2010

Copenhagen is one of if not the world’s most cycle friendly cities. This is why the city now introduces; CarGo – a car shaped parking shelter for cargo bikes, made by Goodmorning Technology.

The number of cargo bikes in Copenhagen has increased dramatically over the past years. Today 6% of all Copenhagen households own at least one cargo bike – this adds up to more than 15 000 cargo bikes in our capital. But that´s the way Copenhagen likes it. The high number of cargo bikes reduces the need for more cars in a big city that is already struggling with crowded streets and pollution. However, the high number of cargo bikes results in an increased need for parking solutions that secure the bikes overnight and in bad weather.

The shell is made of fiberglass and is comprised of four separate cabins, each with room for one bike. This means that four bicycles can park in the space normally taken up by one car.

The ‘car’ has four solar powered ‘headlights’ that turn on after dark. In addition, a solar powered light turns on inside when one of the doors is opened. Hooks and a net are mounted on the walls of each cabin, for hanging up rain clothes and other gear.






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