Canada Donates Most Money Per Capita to Haiti

27 01 2010

Canada/Haiti Pin

Here’s something I wanted to share with our readers.  This makes me very proud to be Canadian.  It turns out, Canadians have donated the most (per capita) towards the relief effort for Haiti.  I’m not sure how I fit into that equation since I donated $5 on my phone through a Canadian courier, however I also purchased a disc online and donated $10 through what I think was an American site.  Anyways, the numbers are in and thus far, Canada has shown it’s true colours.  They’re bright and promising.

Here’s an excerpt from 680 News:

“According to the Center for Global Development in Washington, D.C., Canada deserves a lead role in the reconstruction of Haiti.

David Roodman tells the Calgary Herald, per capita, Canadians have contributed more aid to the Caribbean nation that anyone else.

On average, we donate $5 per person, compared to the U.S. who has donated about $1 per person.

However, the United States still contributes more, overall.

Roodman says there’s a huge need for someone to coordinate all the aid money flowing to Haiti. Countries like Canada should be at the forefront, thanks to their experience in the impoverished nation.”





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