Antichrist (2009) : SOMEONE HELP ME!

14 12 2009

Antichrist 2009 : The movie

I just watched a movie called Antichrist.  This movie now goes down in history as the worst movie I have ever had the displeasure of viewing.

I’m not even certain I have words the can express the sheer confusion and disgust I feel right now.  I actually feel dirty for having watched this film.

Oddly, the film has some breathtaking cinematography and in the first portion of the film (in black and white), I thought to myself ‘wow, this is going to be a great flick’.

Then it got really sad.  Then it switched to really confusing and quite honestly a little stupid and I thought ‘this movie is a super dud and it’s definitely NOT a horror movie, it’s a fucking art film that only the writers and maybe director understand and it’s bullshit’.  I really debated shutting it off but I was hoping to high heaven the ending would make some sense of this flick so I kept on watching.  What comes at the next after confusing and quite honestly a little stupid can only be described as graphic, disgusting madness.  I.  I’m not.  Jeez.  I really do have no words.

Someone please, please watch this film and email me asap to let me know WTF just happened.

Antichrist 2009 : The movie





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