Japan Firm Makes Custom Barcode Art

12 11 2009

When’s the last time a barcode caught your eye? If you lived in Japan, it could have been fairly recently. D-Barcode is a Japanese design firm that has been mixing it up in the barcode world since ’05, and — as you can see from the samples above — the end result is a lot more interesting than a uniform series of lines. It can be pretty pricey, though: $1,500 for a design, and $200 a year for licensing fees. If you want a code all your own, that can even cost as much as $4,000. That begs the question — what’s a unique design worth? Now I know what you’re thinking, “pfft, I could do that”. But that’s where you’re wrong, because you and I both know you couldn’t.


D-Barcode Barcodes





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