Worlds skinniest model

29 09 2009

Eww. This chick needs to lay off the slim fast. Who told her this looks good. It’s so nasty I had to share. I hope someone paid her for these photos so she can get a meal. Has this woman never heard of McDonalds? Shit man. Eat a sandwich.




3 responses

14 11 2009

dis is a mess sad

16 11 2009

this woman looks sooo nasty.. its not even sexy. wut guy would want to have sex with her.. hed break her in half. go eat a triple burger sweetie

10 10 2010

ok,yeah we all know she looks icky but you gota also know she probly has a disorder,so why dont yall stop acting like little fuc*ks and stop making fun of someone who cant chnge themselves even if they wanted to !

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