Text From Last Night

4 09 2009

iPhone Text

So my homeboy from work (I’m still in Louisville….mmmmokayyyyyy) told me about this website that posts peoples text messages.  This site is bloody hilarious.  Here are a few of the classics:

(734): i had just passed the point of no return when my mom opened my door. I hid my dick and took the porn off the computer in time but i still had to explain my day at school to her WHILE i was jizzing in my pants.

(361): I’m retiring my vagina. Better yet I’m Farve-ing it.
(1-361): Def the best call fo sho
(361): That way it can come out of retirement anytime and play for different teams. And it can wear Wranglers.

(503): I just farted for five sidewalk sections! New personal best.





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