Vivanno, hell no.

31 07 2009

VivannoToday I was excited to go and pick up a new Vivanno Smoothie and I raced over with my card in tow. From the 5 blends available I opted to go for the Orange Mango Banana Smoothie hoping that the orange and mango flavour would overpower the powerful banana flavour. No such luck. To my disappointment the Vivanno smoothie is revolting. I equate the taste to consuming banana flavoured chalk if there were such an ungodly concoction. The top 3 tastes I would equate my drink to would be:

1. Concrete shavings flying in the air
2. A cheap protein shake
2. Monkey fart dust

I’m not sure if anyone else has had a great experience with any of the other flavours but orange mango banana is most certainly not for me. In fact, the taste still haunts me as I’ve been burping rotting banana as all day as I work. ugh. The crazy thing is that this cup pictured above contains 34g of sugar! Where did all that sugar go? Not on my taste buds that’s for sure. Here’s the nutritional fact sheet courtesy of the Starbucks site (based on 16fl oz):

Calories 260
Fat calories 15
Total fat (g) 2
Saturated fat (g) 1
Trans fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 5
Sodium (mg) 110
Carbs (g) 51
Fiber (g) 5
Sugars (g) 34
Protein (g) 15

So anyways, as you can see by the pic I did drink the whole thing, but I did it upset. I mean I can’t let a beverage go to waste now. But I will definitely not be going back for more……unless it’s free.

Your dream wedding CAN be a reality

31 07 2009
Dream Weddings

Dream Weddings

Last year I was honoured when my bromosexual (you like how I threw that in there eh?) asked me to be in his wedding party. It wasn’t a shock or anything, I mean just check the pic above. How could anyone not want me in their wedding party? What was shocking however was his ninja wedding planner wife to be.

This little wedding wizard had the boys whipped into shape and pulled off what was not only one of the most entertaining weddings I have ever been to but also one of the most beautiful. Now I’m not just saying that because it was open bar and by the end of the night I made ‘Frank the Tank’ look sober. I mean it was genuinely breathtaking. From the colouring books for children to choreographed wedding party entrances no detail was left undone. The night was definitely one to remember.

Fast forward to year of extensive planning later and I’ve come to find that She will soon be starting her own wedding planning business. If I were getting married (and let’s be honest here I’m glad I’m not) this is the woman I would want doing all the stuff I want nothing to do with. Her bespoke weddings are definitely memorable dreams come true. She’s already been consulting on five weddings and she hasn’t even released a website yet.

As soon as I can get my hands on some additional information I will pass it along. Your welcome.

FREE Vivanno Smoothie at Starbucks today

31 07 2009

Vivano Smoothie Today only if you have a registered Starbucks card you can get a FREE grande Vivanno smoothie.

Here are the details from Starbucks:
Offer valid 07/31/09 for one Grande (473 ml) complimentary Vivanno™ Smoothie at participating Canada Starbucks locations. Limit one per customer per day. Must pay with a registered Starbucks Card. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted.

3D TV now a reality in 2010…and in Britain

31 07 2009

Sky HD 3D3D is definitely making a comeback. It seems like there are announcements everyday about new 3D movies coming out. In fact I’ve even gone to watch a few. Most recently I watched My Bloody Valentine in 3D and was pretty impressed that the quality was so good. Plus, as someone who must wear corrective lenses the new 3D glasses make it a lot easier to watch a movie with my glasses on. Now in the UK, SKY will be launching an HD 3D box in 2010 complete with at least one all 3D channel. Pretty amazing but not without caveat; you must also own a 3D ready TV. What that means I’m not exactly sure.

I know here in North America there was an episode of program called Chuck which was broadcast in 3D though I missed the airing. However to my knowledge there have been no announcements of 3D tv…..yet


31 07 2009

Pineapple ExpressToday’s word of the day is Bromosexual. The first time I heard this word used was in Pineapple express used by Red when speaking to Sol. There are two opposing definitions of the word:

1. Bromosexual
A guy who is bromosexual is totally straight. In fact he will punch you in the face if you say that he’s gay. He’s so totally straight that he has sex with tons of chicks… sure his bro might be in the room with him, maybe videotaping it (with lots of close-ups of the penis)… or doing the same girl at the same time… with their penises touching…

So what if he’s always slapping his broham’s ass… and always hangs out in the showers at the gym… and yeah, maybe he was in a few circle jerks in middle school… and sure he puts his penis and/or testicles on his friends’ faces every chance he gets when they’re passed out drunk… and sure that frat initiation thing was a bit weird, but…

Dude: You’re so gay.
Bromosexual: Shut up! I will FUCK YOU IN THE ASS if you say I’m gay!!!
Other dude: Heh. Wait… what?

2. Bromosexual
A unique and powerfull relationship amongst bros that words cannot define.
“Hey are those guys gay.” “Nah man, they’re just bromosexuals.”

“I love you man. I don’t know whats going on, I think I might be going bromo for you…”

Ninja Assassin Theatrical Trailer HD

30 07 2009

Oh, what’s this little trailer attached to this site? Ninja huh? Ninja Assassin? What’s? What’s that you say? Oh, you know….only THE MOST KICKASS MOVIE TRAILER I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!! Directed by James McTeigue, the dude who worked as the first assist for The Matrix movies, Speed Racer and directed V for Vendetta (incidentally another great underrated movie) and co written by J. Michael Straczynski, the dude who is writing Silver Surfer. Can’t wait for this flick

The theatrical trailer for “Ninja Assassin” releasing November 25 2009. Credits go to Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Saved by the bell reunion!…not yet…*sigh*

30 07 2009

sbtb1__oPtWhen I read the headline online “Saved by the bell reunion”, I must admit I was overwhelmed with joy. Yeah I said it. Don’t act like that show wasn’t the backdrop to your childhood too. Even as I type this the theme song to the show is playing in my head..”when I wake up in the morning..somthing something….bus fly by….it’s alright ’cause I’m saved by the belllllll!”. Oh how I loved Zach’s antics, Kelly’s beautiful smile, Slater’s mullet, Lisa’s everything, Jesse’s nothing and Screech’s corny jokes.

But alas. There is no known televised video reunion. Just a pictorial reunion in People Magazine. I remember they tried a Saved By the Bell college years or something but it never really worked out. They simply couldn’t recreate the magic of Bayside High.

Oh well, hopefully if this magazine sells well maybe they’ll consider a tv movie or something. It’s not like any of these guys have a lot of bankable projects that I’m aware of, with maybe the exception of Zach…er…Mark-Paul Gosselaar who currently stars as one of the main characters of a tv show entitled Raising the Bar. Once you get past Mark’s sub par acting skills, the show is actually quite good. And the more you watch the better actor Mark becomes!



Uncomfortable Rampage Jackson Interview

30 07 2009

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Now what exactly was Rampage thinking when he did this interview?

Missing my mates

29 07 2009
European crew

European crew

After replying to an email chain from friends I made on a recent trip to Europe I got to reminiscing about all the wonderful times I had on that trip and the wonderful individuals I met along the way.

Isn’t it incredible that in three short weeks you could form such strong and vibrant friendships with people.  It’s funny how you can go years of knowing an individual without really “knowing” them and yet there are others that in such a short span of time you feel like you’ve known them all your life.

I’m grateful that not only did I have the privilege to have known them but still be able to call them my friends.  In-spite of us all living and working in different time zones and different continents we’re still able to continue to chat weekly.  You guys are great and though I may be slow with the responses from time to time I can find solace in the fact that I will never be as bad as Nancy is with replies.

Miss you.

History repeats iteself

28 07 2009

I’m back in the blogosphere baby!  After a stint of my very controversial blog in which I detailed the lives of my friends (under alias names…calm down), and my “other blog” where I simply vented and wrote seldomly, I’m back and now with WordPress.

You’ll notice I’ve imported some historical posts from an old blogger account.  My new posts will probably be in the same vein but with a lot more videos so that I can cut down on the amount of emails I send out.  There will be a lot of  complaining as well, but I think you’ll find it unnervingly honest too.  I once again need an outlet to keep me from going crazy.

Hope you keep on visiting.